Wednesday, July 30, 2008

my loose tooth

My tooth is very loose. I am trying to pull it out, but I can't. Last time I got my teeth pulled out, I got $10 from the Tooth Fairy and I got to keep my teeth, and she sent me a note. I spent my $10 on earrings. My mom won't let me wear some of them. They're the ones that hang down that were my favorite. From the dentist, I got a special tooth box. It says something, but I can't remember what it says.

My mom made a tooth game. It was really fun. It's too complicated to tell about.

My friend had a loose tooth like me. It was the same tooth as me, and whenever we brushed our teeth, it bled.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I really miss you guys. I hope I win Bridget's Webkinz that she's giving away right now. If I finish my math facts, I'll get another Webkinz. I already have 3 Webkinz.

I like this house. It's very pretty, but Robert keeps his stinky socks under the couch! And I mean it! I had to hold the dustpan with his socks in it. He's yucky. One time I saw a snail under the couch. It's really dirty under there. I'm glad you've never seen it. I have a grapevine in my yard. The grapes are almost ripe. I have a bunch of fruit trees and bushes. Soon I'm going to sell my Utah house. We have three fountains. Two are lions and one is a little kid pouring a cup.

I went to the beach one time and I learned how to boogey board.