Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I really miss you guys. I hope I win Bridget's Webkinz that she's giving away right now. If I finish my math facts, I'll get another Webkinz. I already have 3 Webkinz.

I like this house. It's very pretty, but Robert keeps his stinky socks under the couch! And I mean it! I had to hold the dustpan with his socks in it. He's yucky. One time I saw a snail under the couch. It's really dirty under there. I'm glad you've never seen it. I have a grapevine in my yard. The grapes are almost ripe. I have a bunch of fruit trees and bushes. Soon I'm going to sell my Utah house. We have three fountains. Two are lions and one is a little kid pouring a cup.

I went to the beach one time and I learned how to boogey board.


Taryn Bear said...

Robert leaving socks under the couch? eeeeeeeeeeeeew!

Bridget said...

thats silly of him. the house sounds pretty cool.

Taryn Bear said...

who is robert?